Friday, 11 December 2015

Fabric Choices that Yield Comfortable Business Shirts and Workwear

When it comes to designing work uniforms, there is a lot more to consider than how the garment looks. Employee comfort and designation should also be taken into account. According to WorkplaceInfo, an online resource for HR/IR managers and professionals, any work uniform that causes employee discomfort creates negative impact on productivity, morale and staff retention. Constructing comfortable business shirts and workwear hinges a lot on the choice of fabric. Here are some tips for business owners to keep in mind.

Uniform Safety

Safety is a crucial aspect of any uniform design. Uniforms should adhere to industry safety standards. For instance, cooks need flame-retardant clothing. Those in the line of sports should consider moisture-wicking, active wear fabrics capable of letting air circulate and thereby prevent the body from overheating. These fabrics should also be lightweight and flexible so as not to restrict movement.

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